Bake a yummy light fruitcake the easy way

Yuletide season is coming soon and people are excited knowing that Christmas goodies now fill the shelves of bakeshops. In many parts of the world, fruitcake is traditionally served during Christmas season. However, not all fruitcakes are really the same. Fruitcake is normally classified into two types: Light Fruitcake This is referred to as light because the fruitcake ingredient in the recipe calls for granulated sugar, light corn syrup, almonds, golden raisins, pineapple, apricots, etc.

Dark Fruitcake Dark fruitcake ingredient such as molasses or brown sugar is included in the recipe. Fruits which are dark in color such as raisins, prunes, dates, cherries, pecan and walnuts are also regularly used as fruitcake ingredient.

If you prefer a light fruitcake, try the following recipe and make your own delectably light fruitcake.


10 oz self raising flour 5 oz butter
5 oz sugar (use white sugar for a light fruitcake)
1 desert spoon golden syrup
2 table spoons of ground almonds
1 lb dried fruit (sultanas, raisins, currants, mixed peel and cherries)
grated rind of one small lemon
2 eggs
Little milk

Start by preheating the oven to 160 C. Line a an 8 inch baking pan with grease paper. In a large bowl, mix the fat, flour and sugar. Use your finger tips to do this until the mixture looks like bread crumbs. Add the following: mixed spice, dried fruit, lemon rind and ground almonds. Make sure they are properly distributed in the mixture. Put the eggs and syrup plus a dash of milk. Balance the stiffness to the point that the wooden spoon can still go through the mixture. Transfer the cake mix into the lined pan you have prepared earlier. Spread it thinly using a spatula. Baking time is ideally 1 hr and 15 minutes. However, you can place the cake into a skewer to see if the cake is done. Once the skewer is clean and there is no hissing sound in the cake, its time to cool it. If not, bring back the cake in the oven and bake for another 10 minutes. Once its really done, let the cake cool in the tin for a few hours. Its now time to enjoy the light fruitcake you have baked.