Different Types of Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are harvested from a variety of coffee plant species. The most popular variety is Coffea Arabica composes the 75 percent of the international coffee trade. The other type is Coffea Canephora or also known as robusta. Compared to Arabica, this coffee is less refined and cheaper but it takes 20 percent of the coffee trade. These types of coffee beans can be subcategorized according to the location and how the coffee beans were roasted.

The coffee that originates from the traditional Coffea Arabica plant is considered superior over the others. This plant thrives in warm temperatures and high altitudes, and though it is quite expensive to transport and harvest the beans, it is deemed worthwhile because of the sweet aromatic coffee it produces.

The Coffea Canephora on the other hand is more affordable because it is very easy to grow. It is however bitterer because of its high caffeine content. Unlike the Arabica, Robusta can grow at low altitudes and humid climates.

Both the two types of coffee beans have sub-varieties. They are identified from the places of their roots. The factors that affect the production of a good coffee relies on the quality of the soil the plant was planted to the way the beans are processed.

The product of the two types of coffee beans being combined together is called coffee blends. The best way of cutting costs but retaining the luxurious and chocolaty quality of the coffee is by blending them. Rather than serving one hundred percent Arabica beans, Robusta beans are applied as fillers. Manufacturers take advantage of blending different types of coffee beans because it results to a balanced flavor from the defective types of beans.

The roasting method of the two types of coffee beans can greatly influence the flavor of a product. Roasting is an essential process because it highlights the flavor and aroma of the coffee beans. The results of roasting can be from the middle of the road coffee produced by American brands to the familiar espresso, which the beans are roasted to the brink of burning. This type of coffee has a very rich aroma and oily surface, and when brewed, it creates a luscious flavor.

Over the time of history, there are a thousands ways to enjoy the different types of coffee beans.