Fruitcake ingredient: the key to a great fruitcake

When Yuletide is just around the corner, a lot of people anticipate joining a Christmas Feast. When you talk of Christmas feast, it wouldn’t be complete without the traditional fruitcake. Typically, fruitcake is served during Christmas although in some places in the world it is served during weddings. Although the fruitcake has undergone several modifications since ancient Roman period, still, the fruitcake is a popular food served during Christmas no matter what part of the world. A fruitcake is distinctly unque because of a special fruitcake ingredient -liquor. Liquor can be rum or brandy, whatever suits the user’s preference.Aside from the liquor fruitcake ingredient, there are also other stuff that enhance the delicious fruitcake.

Essentially, there are two types of fruitcake. The type of fruitcake that would turn out depends on the fruitcake ingredient that would be used since different countries have varying recipes. For example, some countries that have warmer climate would use fruitcake ingredient like mango or other local fruits. The type of fruitcake is determined mainly by the fruitcake ingredient that is indicated in the recipe. The two common types are: Light Fruitcake This is known as light because the fruitcake ingredient in the recipe includes granulated sugar, light corn syrup, almonds, golden raisins, pineapple, apricots, etc.

Dark Fruitcake Dark fruitcake ingredient like molasses or brown sugar is included giving the cake a darker color. Fruits that have dark colors such as raisins, prunes, dates, cherries,pecan and walnuts are also typically used as fruitcake ingredient.

Another fruitcake ingredient that created so much controversy is butter.There was even a time in Germany wherein butter was ruled out as a cooking ingredient since fasting was observed. A lot of controversy sorrounding the use of butter in Christmas fruitcake was resolved by a letter drafted by Pope Innocent VIII that finally allows the use of dairy in the cake according to stolen online. During that period, Christmas fruitcake was in the form of stollen, a German bread similar to fruitcake. However, stollen is made from flour like the ordinary bread. It is used for Christmas since it resembles the baby Christ swaddled in cloth. Fruitcake ingredient of stollen includes yeast, butter, wafer, flour, zest, raisins and almonds. Come to think of it, the fruitcake has gone a long way going through different forms.