High-Quality Gourmet Coffee Beans

Coffee portrays a big part of our culture and society. A lot of individuals cannot go through a stressful day without a perfect cup of Joe. It became a popular brewed drink to help us stimulate our senses in the morning. People these days, accompany their relaxation with coffee. There are others who indulge with a cup of coffee from freshly brewed gourmet coffee beans.

While most coffee is affordable, gourmet coffee beans are a luxury only few people can afford. There’s a big difference between the qualities of a regular coffee from gourmet coffee.

Gourmet coffee beans are collected and hand picked high quality Arabica coffee beans from many countries all over the world. It includes countries like Brazil, Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia where the climate is generally dry and hot. In fact, there are a total of 53 coffee growing countries. The quality of the coffee they produce differs enormously.

This is exactly the reason why you can choose from hundreds of varieties of gourmet coffee beans. You can try the following gourmet coffee beans if you prefer to pamper yourself and spend extravagantly for a cup of Joe.

Kopi Luwak. This gourmet coffee beans is truly one of a kind and spectacular. It have its origin in Sumatra, Indonesia where there are many common palm civet cats that eat coffee cherries as part of their diet and when partially digested, the beans are collected, sanitized and cleaned before roasting. This gourmet coffee beans costs as much as $50 for a single cup of coffee or $200 a pound of the beans. This is no doubt the most high-priced coffee in the world.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. It is cheapest gourmet coffee beans among the luxurious line of coffee beans that costs only $49 a pound. However, when buying it, you must be very cautious as there are misleading brands that sell “blended” Jamaican coffee that is made of very small amount of the authentic Blue Mountain coffee beans. This gourmet coffee beans produces an unusually sweet and magnificently intense aroma. In fact, there’s no need for sugar and cream for this coffee because of its nutty and fruity flavor.

Gourmet coffee beans are heartfelt satisfaction for each and every coffee lover. Even though expensive, they are readily available at groceries, local coffee shops and even online.