How to make a wedding fruit cake in ten easy steps

Do you know that fruitcake is also served even if it’s not Christmas? In different parts of the world, the fruitcake is also served during weddings. In such case, a wedding fruit cake is prepared instead of the traditional white wedding cake that’s full of icing. In fact, some couples eat the left over portion of their wedding fruitcake on the first wedding anniversary. This is really possible because a wedding fruit cake becomes more yummy as it ages. All you need are ten steps to create your own wedding fruitcake:

1. In a large container,combine sultanas, currants, raisins, pecans, grated lemon and peel.

2. The raisins, prunes and apricots must have the same cut-size like the cherries and other fruits. Scissors would do a great job.

3. Add sherry to the mixture.

4. Place a tight cover on the bowl to keep the sherry from evaporating. The fruits must be soaked in the mixture but not more than 7 days. However, avoid soaking for less than 3 days since this would not produce a good result. Expect the fruit to get plump since alcohol is being absorbed.

5. Keep butter and eggs at normal temperature. Use an electric mixer to beat the butter quickly. Add brown sugar to the mixture but prevent any formation of lumps in the mixture. Beat the mixture only after butter has been added to it.

6.Just add the eggs one at a time only after each egg is well beaten.

7. The Wedding fruit cake can be quite big and adding all the eggs can cause the mixture to be saturated. In this case, do not use all the eggs.

8. If you’re done with the eggs, you can now add the soaked fruit, marmalade, golden syrup, glycerin, vanilla essence, chopped toasted almonds, dates, walnuts and almond essence and the egg mixture. Ideally, use your fingertips to break all the fruit lumps.Mix all the ingredients very well.

9. Place the cake into tins in preparation for baking. Bake at 250 F. Cooking time depends on the size of the cake, on average it takes 3 hours. Cool the cake for at least 4 hours after the cake is done.

10. You can now place some decoration on the wedding fruit cake such as icing.

Baking your own wedding cake is not that hard yet it is a rewarding task. You can even start a business selling wedding fruit cake.