Russian New Year Food at Its Finest

For Russians, New Year is a big holiday to celebrate. For the, it’s a mixture of Christmas, Halloween and New Year .

Presents are offered, Kids are in costumes, Grandfather Frost (Santa) does his rounds, a New Year’s tree is decorated, people get drunk and there’s lots of food .

With the kind of New Year celebration they have, Russian New year Food will be interesting . With appetizers, snacks and Vodka, Russian New Year Food consists of other delicious foods.

Pineapple s considered to be significant to be part of the Russian New year Food that’s why falling in line is not a trouble for Russians to get one. There are also Red Caviar Canapes and round-sliced Baguette . Baguette would typically have little softened butter topped with a teaspoon of caviar .

A classic Russian Winter Salad, potato-beef salad is also included in the Russian New Year Food . First, you have boil a piece of beef chuck as if you’re making a stock . Once the meat is cold, cut it into cubes and mixed it with cooked, cubed potatoes, pickles, green peas, parsley cucumbers, and a mayo-based dressing .

Russian New Year Food also have Eggs stuffed with sauteed mushrooms and onions . Russians likes nothing more than an excuse to celebrate and when they do, it usually includes a wonderful array of food .

An extra cakes (torts) and champagne comprises the Russian New Year food. Russian New Year accompanies a few home-made sparkling wine apart from preserved mushrooms and champagnes. A delicacy of tvorok-and-raison pie that is similar to cheese-cake filling is handy too.

Russian New Year food also have salads . Russian salads come in two sorts: collections of pickled vegetables, or mayonnaise-based inventions resembling chicken or egg salad .

Russians celebrate their New Year in a healthy, happy, bounty feast that harmonizes with the celebration itself . Russians do know how to celebrate New Year with a New Style. As others claimed: “Only Russians know how to greet the New Year .