Secrets in Grinding Coffee Beans

The formula to an amazing cup of coffee is grinding your own coffee beans. You may opt to have the coffee beans grounded however the complicated process may cause the coffee to lose its full flavor. If one wants to have the real coffee experience, then one should have a coffee grinder at home ready and start grinding coffee beans.

First things first, if you have plans of grinding coffee beans at home you must own a grinder. The grinder must be capable of producing an even grind. These are called burr grinders, wherein the beans are placed in a hopper and they pass through the grinders one time. The grinders come in manual or electric form. An electric grinder is convenient for people who are always in a hurry but long for coffee before they start the day. But if you fancy grinding coffee beans on your own, the manual or non-electric grinder will suffice.

Search and pick only the freshest coffee available. This can be determined by looking at the roasting date of the coffee. It is better to grind coffee beans that were ground for about a week or less. Bear in mind that the beans must be kept in airtight containers. Be careful in looking at vacuum packaging of roasted coffee beans. For the reason that the beans emanate carbon dioxide two weeks after roasting, they will dilate and fit tightly to the packaging. This happens because the beans probably lost its freshness.

The instant you have picked the beans, you are now ready for grinding coffee beans. Adjust the coffee grinder to the proper grind. If you are using manual grinders, keep in mind that there are two adjustment nuts in the handles. One is for adjustment to the proper grind and then the other to secure the grip. To get the beans chopped properly, keep an eye on the grind at all times. Determine the granule size you want. Fine granules make strong coffee however too much fine grinds will make it bitter, plus longer grinds will result to finer granules.

To get the coffee’s flavor, grinding coffee beans is the most essential process. It is important to make the grinder clean so avoid grinding spices and grains in the coffee mill. This will spoil the excellent coffee you are planning to achieve.