Seo Isn’t The One And Only Thing To Consider In Relation To Search Engine Ranking

As everyone knows Google is continuously updating how they’re indexing the sites in their search results. Because of this you will need to be aware of the changes that they make and how it affects your website. Google has just begun taking the quantity of time individuals stay on your internet site and using this to determine your ranking for specific keywords. In the following paragraphs we are going to give you a few tips that will help keep folks on your internet site longer, which will in turn help your search engine rankings.

One of the primary steps you can take in order to keep men and women on your site longer is to make sure that all external links which leads to an additional page open up in a new window. The reason for this is to make it so when men and women click on a link on your internet site when new window opens but your internet site remains in a browser. Google will then assume that these individuals are remaining on your website simply because you have good content. Simply because the new site opens over yours the chances of somebody going back and closing your internet site before they take a look at the other site is low. This means that for however long they’re on the other website your internet site will still be opened in the window below that one.

Additionally you want to get people to interact with your internet site and you can do this by offering them something that they’re able to download for free. Many individuals use a pop-up that shows up to new visitors to accomplish this. The true secret to getting this to work is by not seeking their information in this pop-up window but to get them to simply click a link. The link in the pop-up should not guide them to a different site but to a different page on your site. The benefit of using this method is to keep people on your website longer and also to get them to interact with your website. Another advantage of this is to try and capture your visitors e-mail address on the next page so you can begin developing your own list. What this means is that this one pop-up is going to have multiple benefits for you and your search engine ranking.

This does not mean that you may abandon your seo methods. The basics of seo will still be in effect, this is simply an add-on to Google’s algorithm. You need to be aware that Google is still keeping tabs on back-links and that the creating of these back-links is still vital. Most individuals are aware of the necessity of back-links but if you are not, you need to realize that this will greatly effect your rankings. By following these suggestions you should have the ability to keep men and women on your site longer which in turn will help your ranking in Google I am certain you will have the ability to find other ways to keep people in your internet site longer, but this is a good place to begin.