The origins of the Christmas fruitcake

Have you ever thought about the origins of the Christmas fruitcake ? Most likely, you never bothered about such things as you relished the Christmas fruitcake that your mom, aunt or grandmother baked. Even if the Christmas fruitcake was just bought somewhere, surely, it would still have nuts, candied fruits and liquor which are the common ingredients of a Christmas fruitcake. However, not all Christmas fruitcake are created equal since the baker may have distinct recipe and modify the ingredients. Also, the culture highly dictates the kind of Christmas fruitcake made since local ingredients are normally used.

Originally, the Christmas fruitcake recipe can be traced to ancient Rome, however it didn’t contain any fruit that time. Different types of seeds, nuts and raisins coming from different trading posts were abundant that time. As time passed by, some ingredients like honey, spices (cinnamon) and candied fruits were added thus the term became fruitcake. In fact, the Christmas fruitcake is a typical food served in European households during yuletide season. There was even a time wherein butter cannot be used as ingredient since fasting was observed. Much controversy about using butter in the Christmas fruitcake resulted to a letter drafted by Pope Innocent VIII that finally allows the use of dairy in the cake according to stolen online. During that time, Christmas fruitcake was in the form of stollen, a German bread similar to fruitcake. Come to think of it, the fruitcake has gone a long way going through different forms.Today, Christmas fruitcake can also be served during weddings and other occasions. In Europe, it goes with tea for an afternoon snack.

In the United States, sugar was a cheap commodity during the 16th century so folks made candied fruits in preparation for winter time. These candied fruits were included in baking the Christmas fruitcake since they are really cheap. In several parts of the world, the Christmas fruitcake is made using local ingredients as long as there is liquor. Liquor helps in preventing formation of molds in the cake as well as add flavor. Regardless of where your fruitcake comes from, surely, you enjoy every single morsel that comes into your mouth. Christmas fruitcake adds flavor to the yuletide season !